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DISCLAIMER: The Texas Republic Nation is NOT a part of the STATE OF TEXAS organization calling itself The Texas Republic or the Republic of Texas.. This small organization has been around since 1995 and has not grown in membership nor Texian support. This small group travels around from town to town holding so-called government meetings on the 2nd Saturday of every month, wherever they can find a free meeting hall, but call themselves a FREE Country..

Go to HERE to read the Posted Rebuttal by Affidavit of their false accusation Affidavit which was not posted correctly under Common Law due to lack of posting signatures every day..

Texas Republic Nation, the Home of the original Texas Republic Nation of 1836 stems from the War of 1812 Treaty with Spain where Mexico gained its independence and the Texas/Mexican Treaties of Velasco at the 1836 Texas/Mexican War’s end where the Texas Republic Nation became an independent World Country that encompasses nearly 1 Million Square miles from the Texas Republic Nation’s West Lousianna Boarder to California’s Pacific Ocean.. In 1837-38 the Texas Republic Nation Lawfully gained New Mexico Territory and lawfully annexed the Californians continental land area into the Texas Republic Nation before the Texas republic Nation was illegally and unlawfully forcibly, under duress and protest, annexed into the United States of America Union of separate Nations after their Congress voted by two thirds vote that the Texas Republic Nation could NOT be annexed as the Texas Republic Nation was a Country just like Mexico, Canada, and the United States of America the year before the unlawful annexation of the Texas Republic in 1844 Congressional vote.

Texas Republic Nation became an independent World Country that encompasses nearly 1 Million Square miles from the Texas Republic Nation West to the Pacific Ocean after the Texas Republic Nation gained independence from Mexico as a world country equal to the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico.

The United States of America was the first to recognize the Texas Republic Nation in 1837, followed by France in 1839, Belgium, the Netherlands, and the Republic of the Yucatan. The UK withheld official recognition, out of consideration to Mexico; however, an embassy was established in the UK near their government capital in England, and until recently a Tex-Mex restaurant called the Texas Embassy Cantina operated on Trafalgar Square near the original location. The United States officially recognized the Texas Republic Nation as an independent world Nation on Mar 8, 2016.

Internal politics of the Republic advocated the continued independence of Texas with the expulsion of the Native Americans (Indians) and the 1838 expansion of Texas to the Pacific Ocean. The Texas Congress even passed a lawful annexation over Houston’s veto lawfully claiming the Californians for the Texas Republic Nation Texian People.

The unlawful, forced under duress, and non-ratified PRESIDENTIAL Resolution of the 1845 constitutional Treaty between the UNITED STATES and the Texas Republic Nation stated that the Texas Republic Nation would keep all their lands from the STATE OF LOUISIANA to the Pacific Ocean as part of this TREATY without cession of any lands.. The UNITED STATES LIED and split up the Texas Republic Nation into STATES OF in 1850 against protests of the Texian People!!
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The Texas Republic Nation covers nearly 1 Million Square miles non-ceded dry soil, dry ground, and the dry continental land area from UNITED STATES MUNICIPALITY sub-corporate STATE OF LOUISIANA, West to the Pacific Ocean with the 1845 Texas Republic Nation forced under duress 2nd Constitutional Treaty between the Texas Republic Nation and the United States. The 1850 Texas Republic Nation/United States Constitution Treaty, unlawfully and illegally under fraud and protest divided the Texas Republic Nation into the UNITED STATES CORPORATION separate STATES OF CA, NM, AZ, NV, UT, and vast parts of the Oklahoma state panhandle, three counties of Kansas state, one third western Colorado, and a small part of southwestern and central Wyoming thru this unlawful, illegal, and non-ratified CORPORATE Treaty Act of 1850 against the wishes and protests of the Texas Republic Nation Texian People Representatives..

A Republic is NOT a Republic Nation without People. Texas Republic Nation is NOT a free Country without “We The Texian People” from all these previously mentioned states. You are the Texian people and we need you to step up and be counted by Registering aT THE VERY BOTTOM OF THIS WEBPAGE; completing the forms from the link below; and run for and be elected by “We The Texian People” to be a Common Law Texas Republic Nation Government Official under the original Texas Constitution; and become a Texian so we can take back our Texas Country and be FREE with your help to regain YOUR freedom, rights, and Constitutional Common Law Justice from the UNITED STATES MUNICIPALITY GOVERNMENT CORPORATION that has and continues to defraud and lie to you, The Texian People!

Texas republic nation Burnett Flag
Being the first flag of the Texas Republic Nation, the Lone Star Texian peoples’ Republic Nation Barnett Flag, a lone yellow-gold star in the middle of azure blue is the Texian peoples’ Texas Republic Nation’s Official Flag that flies the same height as the UNITED STATES War flag reiterating our Texas Republic Nation as an independent Country of the WORLD..

The original Texas Republic Nation coin currency of gold, silver, and other precious metals backed Texas Republic Nation lawful money Certificates are our Official Currency, along with the lawful money TRNcoins Crypto Currency..
texas Republic TRNcoins CryptoCurrency money

The Texas Republic Nation TRNCoin Cryptocurrency was created to help our Texas Republic Nation become an independent Country again with your help, so please visit TRNcoins.com to buy, trade, sell, and contribute to gain our freedom as a free independent Country of “We The Texian People” United to become cryptocurrency wealthy.

Gain your freedom, liberty, common law justice, and your lawful rights under God as a free man, woman, or child today by joining our cause and become a Texian National now.. get your affidavits, election ballots, I.D. Cards as a Texian, etc. Now.

(FREE online Texas Republic Nation Texian applications) = Automatic Download LINK for you to print out on legal size paper as they are legal documents, complete each of them, and sign then send to Freedom@TexasRepublicNation.com], so you can be a part of this fast-growing 1836 established independent World Nation revised out of dormancy so we can gain our independence from the UNITED STATES CORPORATION MUNICIPALITY as the Texas Republic Nation, one of the World Countries.

To receive your download link to become a Texian National, please complete the form below, after you send the form below you will be sent an email with a link to download the forms you will need and DON’T FORGET to subscribe for the latest news at the bottom of this website..

This is the only way you can live your lives with dignity, rights, justice in Constitutional common law courts free from the foreign BAR Corporation Business COURTS, while regaining all your freedom to do whatever you wish any time you wish, except hurt, injure, trespass, or the taking of other Texian National’s items, liberties, freedoms, and RIGHTS as a FREE people God intended you to be pursuant to the Magna Carta freedom document from King John’s and the UNITED STATES Municipality STATE Government’s rule; thus, making you all Sovereign People as God’s children.